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With over 90 years of experience, the most refined designs in the business and an exceptional customer support system, you are sure to get a company that makes specifying, buying, installing, and servicing fuel dispensers simple–and simply better. That's Bennett.

About FuelForce

Founded in 1981 by Tom Bates, Multiforce Systems Corporation has been continually innovating and developing FuelForce fuel management systems. Multiforce pioneered the concept of an automated fuel management system that didn't require input devices for authorization of fleet fuel management systems.

Multiforce experiments with new technologies, and is continually designing software to meet vehicle fleet operators' specific fuel control requirements. Focusing on the integration of the software and hardware, FuelForce systems quickly became the industry standard for convenient fleet fuel management.  Each FuelForce system has all of the security needed in a keypad only unit, yet we have seamless integration of configurations with keys, cards, RFID devices, vehicle tags, and bar codes readers.


Multiforce designs, builds, and maintains the FuelForce line of fuel management solutions.  All our software is developed in-house. With a constant eye on emerging technologies, a commitment to producing advanced integrated solutions and a dedication to customer service, the FuelForce product line by Multiforce Systems remains on the cutting edge of fuel management technology.Type your paragraph here.